25 for Life

You can help save hundreds of dogs and cats for JUST $25.00

In 2006 animal shelters in the State of New Jersey had 39,000 dogs. l0,000 of them were killed. Figures for cats were even more staggering. 61,000 were in the shelters and 32,000 were killed.. When breeding among animals goes unchecked, there are negative effects. “Over seven years, a male and female cat can reproduce over 420,000 kittens. in six years, one female dog and her offspring can give birth to 67,000 puppies.

NJ Aid for Animals is an all volunteer non for profit humane organization that reaches out to help one city that is part of these statistics. Camden City, NJ We are the only animal rescue that goes to private homes and transports dogs or cats to be spayed or neutered and returns them the same day. We provide funding and transportation for spaying and neutering Camden dogs and cats.
.“25 For Life’ can prevent dogs and cats from producing. This kind of birth control will reduce the numbers of unwanted dogs and cats forced to shelters or horrible deaths on the streets. ‘25 For Life’ insures that no unwanted dogs and cats would be born.”

You can help by giving up just one leisurely lunch or dinner; skipping movies and popcorn; doing your own nails; or making a birthday or holiday gift in the name of a friend or family member – just $25 can help save a dog or cat from reproducing. That’s the price of a simple spay or neuter procedure that most Camden City residents cannot afford.

Donate $25.00 for the price of a spay/neuter for a Camden City dog or cat and your donation will keep female animals from suffering through multiple pregnancies, help male animals be less aggressive and keep future generations from being born.

Please help NJAFA make a difference in reducing the overpopulation of cats and dogs in Camden City by donating your tax deductible donation of $25 today via Pay Pal or by sending checks or money orders to New Jersey Aid for Animals, P.O. Box 4, Cedarbrook, NJ 08018. Click here to make a donation.