Animal Abuse

If you are witnessing animal cruelty, call your local police or animal control. If you cannot get help, please call 856-728-0911.


No wonder private citizens don’t want to get involved in animal abuse cases. Once you get the conviction on the abuser, they get off SCOTT FREE. Unless someone like NJ Aid for Animals is making phone calls to prosecutors, municipalities, adult probation, attending hearings CHASING DOWN THE ABUSERS to make SURE they have done their community service and PAID THEIR DUES to the animals they abused or killed, no one else does it.

Much like the way we tracked Robert McCann, the Chiselhurst City Councilman who froze his newborn puppies to death through his entire community service, we CHASE AND TRACK every case with which we are involved.


See the links for Khalil Spikes.

So this animal killer and abuser owes NJ Aid for Animals about 4,000. He owes Halo House in Franklinville another $4,000. Read the whole story on our website and

The courts allowed him to pay us back $75.00 a month until it is all paid. Whenever he stops paying he is in contempt of his probation. We get our lousy little $75.00 check each month and each month when I deposit it, it reminds me of this horrible individual.

Now Mr. Spikes apparently is “sick” and cannot make his $75.00 a month payment. Once AGAIN OUR ILLUSTRIOUS ADULT PROBATION in Burlington County has agreed that the note from his doctor saying he cannot work until July is good enough for them. No checking up, just a note from his “doctor” saying Mr. Spikes cannot work so there will be no income. NJAFA gets to sit and wait until July to see if we get our check when he gets back to work.


The individual who starved Francis to death and died on the table as we tried to save him, is still at large. She never came to court so an FTA was issued which is a failure to appear and a warrant. Her address is no good (go figure!) so if and when she ever gets picked up, she will be arrested. Francis’ picture will stay on our front page until this abuser is caught and Francis has his day in court.


Pit bull in Camden City starved to death. Francis named after St. Francis of Assisi was seized in Camden City, NJ this past weekend. His body score is only a 1 and he was literally freezing to death with a temperature of only 92 degrees. Francis was at same hospital that Schmiegel was however if it is possible, this dog was in worse condition than Schmiegel. Francis passed last night to the Rainbow Bridge. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION