Pets in the City

This once a year event, Pets in the City, provides FREE life-saving vaccines for pet owners in Camden City. Since 2012 just at this event alone, we have vaccinated 2,057 pets (1,710 dogs and 347 cats).  That is an average of 342 pets vaccinated in a SINGLE DAY each year! In addition to a vaccine, pets receive collars, leashes and flea treatment. This annual care is more than just protection from disease and pests but it is peace of mind for the pet owner. As an established vaccine clinic, Pets in the City, allows pet owners to feel secure knowing that each year there will be someone in their neighborhood helping them protect their pet. NJ Aid for Animals is the ONLY organization that offers these free services for Camden.

 To keep Pets in the City free, everything we provide is donated and the event is 100% staffed by volunteers. You can support our mission, click here to donate.