Lost No More

Microchip Program for Dogs in Camden City needs public’s support

Camden County, NJ –   NJ Aid for Animals (NJAFA),  the leader in  innovative programs for underserved animals in Camden City, NJ has announced a new microchip program.

Dogs especially in Camden don’t just become lost.  They are abandoned or dumped. If a dog is chipped, animal control will be able to identify who the culprit was and charge them.

Microchips reunite lost and runaway dogs with their families.  There is a very low reclaim rate at the local shelter but the animal control can scan the dogs when they are picked up and return them before they even hit the shelter.  This keeps space open at the shelter and more dogs from being euthanized.

Lastly, the people who buy dogs to use as bait or weapons and train the dogs to fight will be permanently identified.   When the dog gets loose or are found dumped, the dog can be traced back to the owner (like guns and serial numbers) and charged.

For the first vaccine clinic at the FOP Lodge on Federal Street in Camden City, April 6, NJAFA is introducing the microchips.  The Guardians of Rescue will be sponsoring the chips for the first clinc.

Says Kathy McGuire, President and Founder of NJAFA, “We must find a way to stop the influx of dogs being euthanized.   Even if these chips only reunite a small percentage of dogs to owners over a year that is less dogs being put to sleep”.    The chips will be implanted by trained vets and vet techs.

NJAFA needs the publics’ support in purchasing the chips.  At just $7.50 you can help save a dogs’ life, return it to its owner or help track down an abuser.  Please donate to P. O. Box 4, Cedar Brook, NJ  08018 or visit www.njafa.org or contact info@njafa.org.