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    1. dbattistini@clearbridgemedia.com

      pls reply directly to info@njafa.org do you still need help?

  1. robert

    please help me I have been feeding 6 strays n my back yard I am an animal lover and couldn’t let them be hungry now three are pregnant and my neighbors are complaining and have called Pennsauken animal control they are coming wed. to trap them I no they will abort the babies and probably kill the cat please don’t let this happen they are living things and deserve to live please help I live in Merchantville nj.

    1. dbattistini@clearbridgemedia.com

      pls do not use this to reply back use info@njafa.org do you still need help with the 6 strays? sorry I just got this

  2. Cindy Kohn

    Hi, I have have trying to get in touch with my local TNR for Salem county and He keeps promising me to help catch feral cats on my premises. Several years ago, I had the majority of them fixed, but some escaped me. Now I have many that need to be neutered, but I do not have the traps and transport to take them to be fixed. I am willing to pay, but I need help. Can you advise me what to do?

  3. Maria

    Aborting the kittens is not done on purpose. When the mother is under anesthesia for surgery, the babies don’t survive. It also breaks my heart but the mother gets fixed and returned outside and there is no more litters upon litters, upon litters.

    NOTE – Be sure to “ear tip” the cat which is a universal sign for TNR (trap neuter and release) that the cat (male or female) was “fixed”. They cut the ear on a diagonal on the left ear. It doesn’t hurt the cat. It’s like what they do to Doberman’s ears and tails. When they “ear tip” a cat from a colony, if that cat gets trapped again, it gets released. This way you are not stressing the cat for unnecessary surgery. Some vets also put a tattoo on the shaved belly of the cat but they still charge for whole procedure for anesthesia, etc. Like I said, you don’t want to put cat through unnecessary stress, surgery, trapping, cost, arrangements to vet, etc.

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