Cockapoo Saved By Vet Tech Who Refused To Euthanize

Chili’s Story:
I am a nice little boy about six years old and not feeling so well for some time. When my owner took me to hospital they told her I had a disease that needed something called insulin two times a day. The needle didn’t hurt at all. I am a good boy and like everyone!! My owner said she didn’t want to put a needle in me so I should be put to sleep forever.

A very nice person at hospital stood up for me and took me. She called NJ Aid for Animals and they got me. I had a urinary tract infection and an ear infection too. I was a mess.

Now look at me!!!! I am with my foster family. My dad is just like me!!! He is a diabetic human and mom is a nurse so she knows what’s good for me. I have two brothers too called jack and russell. Or at least that is what I think I heard!!!

Oh boy, I love my new toys and my new house. I was in a cage ALL THE TIME and they let me run free free free!! I hope John and Nadine adopt me forever~!!!!