Pet Enrichment

In addition to transporting owned dogs and cats to get spayed and neutered to help stem the tide of over-reproduction, NJAFA has also been providing ancillary supplies and services for dogs and cats through PEP for the last five years.

PEP enriches the lives of dogs and cats after they get spayed or neutered. For example, pain medication – the low cost clinics do offer pain medication but the residents of Camden have to pay extra for it. Without the funds to pay for even a spay or neuter most residents do not have extra funds for pain meds. PEP pays for the pain meds.

PEP provides for much needed shots that will prevent PARVO, a very contagious sometimes fatal disease that dogs contract and can cost up to hundreds of dollars to treat.

Money donated to PEP also pays for flea treatment, a dog house, a bag of food or any extra component that will enhance the life of an animal after they are spayed or neutered and before they are returned to the owners. For more information contact us.

Annual Spring Vaccine Clinic for Camden Animals

CAMDEN –  (March 18, 2013)  – In its tireless quest to ensure good health and a decent quality of life for pets owned by underserved populations in and around Camden, the most violent city in America, NJ Aid for Animals (NJAFA)  is offering needy pet owners a lifesaving vaccine for their pets for a $1.00 donation and a microchip.  On Saturday, April 6 Camden City residents can bring their dogs or cats to the FOP Lodge, 1137 Federal Street, Camden City, from 9 a.m. to Noon. No reservation is required….read more