In 2016, we launched our innovative HALT (Helping Animals’ Lives Today) program which provides Camden City pet owners with access to the spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccine, Parvo vaccine, flea treatment, and the microchip for only $8! Additionally, dog owners receive a money order payable to the City of Camden to purchase a dog license. In just over one year, 170 pets have received the benefits of this program and with enough funding for 40 more!

One of the primary goals of the HALT program is to reduce pet overpopulation by allowing families to spay and neuter their pets before they begin having litters. On average, Camden City (which is only 10 square miles) spends over $415,000 per year on animal control. That is $41,000 per square mile. Through HALT, NJ Aid for Animals has directly ended the breeding cycle for at least six families, spaying and neutering the mother, father and the litter of puppies. Unaltered, the mothers and their puppies could have produced over one-hundred puppies in just one year. This is an incredible impact not just on the family who was able to afford this care but on pet overpopulation in Camden City.